Team Member Spotlight on Teffanie

Ckbuk-BUgAA3SlbThis week’s team member spotlight is on Teffanie, our lead community-based doula.  She serves our clients during their pregnancies by providing them with evidenced-based education and support.  She is there with them when they are in early labor until they are safely settled in their postpartum room and breastfeeding.  Here’s what she has to say:

my name is Teffanie Green I am the wife of one husband, a mother of five children and my family comes second in my life and God comes first.  I am a doula for the Northeast Mississippi Birthing Project and have an AA degree in business.   I also have a cosmetology license.  Obviously as you can see I love working with the public.  I am a loving and fun person and I am also trustworthy and straight forward  not perfect and nor does I know everything but I am a hard worker and I’m always willing to learn I believe a person shouldn’t no everything that way they can always be teachable and I believe I am a good leader because I am a good follower and it takes good followers to know how to lead and this is me every day all day.


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