Faith on the Winter Solstice

The day has arrived, cold and frosty like so many others.

This day, however, is short-lived. It is the Winter Solstice, the night of the year where darkness, stillness, and quietness reigns over the northern half of our globe. There are a flurry of international, intercultural holidays around the Solstice, but the Solstice is an event unto itself.


Solstice night is the ideal time to draw back from the hustle and bustle of holiday parties and shopping. When the world is dark and quiet, that allows our bodies and our spirits time to rest and look inward to see what we need/want to let go of before the new year. Once we have identified and said goodbye to that which needs to be let go of, that gives room to invite into our lives the people, qualities, and relationships which we want to grow in 2015.

For a pregnant woman whose baby’s due date is shortly after the solstice, this date may find her tired: tired of being pregnant, tired of heartburn, tired of not being able to see or touch her toes. For the mothers out there who are tired, exhausted, who are living what I’m saying…

Please, wait. In every moment there is a lesson.


In early historic cultures, the Winter Solstice was exactly the night when faith, vigil, prayer, and hope converged. On any normal winter night, nomadic peoples trade turns stoking and tending the fires which prevent the young ones and the elders from succumbing to the harsh winter winds. On the night of the Solstice, many people stayed awake and prayed powerfully for the Sun’s return. In prehistoric mythology, the figure of the Goddess was shown as heavily pregnant during the winter season, and the dawning of the new day after the longest night was celebrated as the birth and renewal of the Sun, whose light will shine longer and longer with each coming day.

To every mother who is wondering if this will ever be over: it will, quicker than you can imagine in this moment.

Have hope and faith, new things will be born.

Zola Pickett

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