Baby Bucks Store

This week we began moving in our new space at the same address.  The biggest thing that will happen in our new space is that we will now have an on-site Baby bucks store.  The store is set to open in October.  We are in need of clothing racks, plastic drawers, baskets, clothes rods or closet mate sets, bunches and bunches of baby hangers. We will continue to offer clothes for maternity and breastfeeding mothers, slings/wraps/baby carriers, baby gear, diapers (cloth and disposable), and new and gently used clothes from 0-12 month. We will be adding pregnancy/baby care/childbirth related and children’s books and Wal-mart cards in $5 increments to our “store” as well. We can pick up small items in the Amory and Tupelo areas but, would love for donations to be dropped off at our office.    All donations are tax deductible.  Stay tuned for pictures as we get settled into our new space.  


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